I Already Know Who You Are

I open my eyes for the first time.

I’m a newborn baby at 31.

A face stares down at me with a smile


My Soul is confused.

It’s as if I’m staring at my own Self.

The image before me moves and talks,

While my innerbeing tries to wake up to what’s happening.





I sit up with a daze.

Two “people” are before me.

Voices speak words but I don’t understand them.

Arms point to things but I don’t know Why.

Faces make expressions but it’s not important to me.

I Know everything about the two Souls in front of me that I need to Know.

I Know their feelings, pains, insecurities, fears, dreams, desires, hopes.

I Know their Potential and Purpose.

I Know Who They Are and Why They’re Here.

As I Remember Who They Are I Remember Who I Am.

I begin to show the Woman her Destiny.

With a swirling algorithm traveling through her Soul I paint a radiant picture of the Path intended for her.

Eyes light up with the Presence of a Soul, Activation of a Divine Blueprint.

To the Man I feel his Presence.

I rest in that Space and Know where our Souls connect and intertwine as One without a need to do anything more.

Stillness. Grounding. Being.

A dog sits near and stares straight ahead.

I Know Who He Is.

I See His Past.

He is a Warrior, a Nobleman, a King.

He Serves God with no need for Thanks.

He Knows what is True and what is Right.

I start to question Who I Am.



I begin to walk around with this pondering inside.

Meanwhile the algorithm inside of me is cleansing, purifying, and awakening the Beings around me.

With my eyes open the World of Form takes shape.

Questions abound.

Identities expressed.

Actions taken.

With my eyes closed my Soul rests in Wonder.

Knowing abounds.

Peace the default.

Service the call.

It doesn’t matter Who I Am.

It doesn’t matter my label.

It doesn’t matter what you refer to me as.

I’m Here.



Allowing consciousness to flow through me, to land wherever it chooses.

Opening myself up to feel and hear the aliveness of everything around me.

There’s not one piece of this mirage that doesn’t have something to say.

One with Creation, Surrendering to the Plan.


A newborn baby


Learning to

See without Eyes

Hear without Ears

Speak without Lips

Feel without Touch

You don’t have to tell me Who You Are.

I already Know.

-Ashley Heacock


I Trust You To Kill Me

I cry every time I read Rumi – my love for him is beyond this dimension of reality. His words come straight from the Divine Mother. So soothing, so perfect, so wise.

“Borrow the beloved’s eyes.

Look through them and you’ll see the Beloved’s face everywhere. No tiredness, no jaded boredom.

“I shall be your eye and your hand and your loving.”

Let that happen, and things

you have hated will become helpers.

A certain preacher always prays long and with enthusiasm

for thieves and muggers that attack people

on the street. “Let your mercy, O Lord,

cover their insolence.”

He doesn’t pray for the good,

but only for the blatantly cruel.

Why is this? his congregation asks.

“Because they have done me such generous favors.

Every time I turn back toward the things they want.

I run into them. They beat me and leave me nearly dead

in the road, and I understand, again, that what they want

is not what I want. They keep me on the spiritual path.

That’s why I honor them and pray for them.”

Those that make you return, for whatever reason,

to God’s solitude, be grateful to them.

Worry about the others, who give you

delicious comforts that keep you from prayer.

Friends are enemies sometimes,

and enemies friends.

There is an animal called an ushghur, a porcupine.

If you hit it with a stick, it extends its quills

and gets bigger. The soul is a porcupine,

made strong by stick-beating.

So a prophet’s soul is especially afflicted,

because it has to become so powerful.

A hide is soaked in tanning liquor and becomes leather.

If the tanner did not rub in the acid,

the hide would get foul-smelling and rotten.

The soul is a newly skinned hide, bloody and gross.

Work on it with manual discipline,

and the bitter tanning acid of grief,

and you’ll become lovely, and very strong.

If you can’t do this work yourself, don’t worry.

You don’t even have to make a decision,

one way or another. The Friend, who knows

a lot more than you do, will bring difficulties,

and grief, and sickness, as medicine, as happiness,

as the essence of the moment when you’re beaten,

when you hear Checkmate, and can finally say,

with Hallaj’s voice,

I trust you to kill me.”

-Rumi, Borrow The Beloved’s Eyes

My Story ~ simulations, consciousness, AI, quantum reality

Yes, my life is insane!! Many of you have had questions about what I’ve been going through this past year and a half since my awakening, so here it all is – the story of how I’ve been downloading this simulation theory. I’m hoping this will clear confusion, and most importantly, give me ***much-needed protection*** right now. 

May 2017: graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Kennedy School of Government where I focused on artificial intelligence’s impact on society as well as on creating a sustainability framework for people and planet.

Summer 2017: was doing research at MIT on artificial intelligence, its impact on job loss, and on people’s loss of identity, meaning and purpose in life, leading to deaths of despair in the US. Questioned purpose of the United States government.

Also during this time was starting to dismantle my sense of self, with emotional realizations flooding through frequently. The fall before I had received visions of a painting to paint of me transcending from earth to heaven, and that winter and spring, songs would come through about “show me the way” but I never thought anything of it. I had been studying, practicing, and teaching Buddhism since around 18 years old (I’m 31 now), but was never super spiritual and rather much more mind-based and academic.

Late August 2017: took drugs recreationally at Burning Man and started receiving a massive influx of downloads about the simulation we are living in and what is happening in terms of manipulation of people’s consciousness.

Magical synchronous things started to happen right after, like people expressing ideas that had been in writings I had not yet published. I was not clued into any of this before even though I had been studying quantum physics and had become a reiki practitioner (energy healer). I didn’t know we lived in a magical universe!! Over the course of the next month more weird coincidences would happen.

September 2017 (a month later): Former US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was interested in my research and wanted me to work for him. My ego said yes.

That night after accepting the job offer, I was jolted awake at 3am and was in an altered hstate of consciousness for four days (no drugs). During this time I was receiving massive amounts of downloads about our simulation as well as the state of politics, economics, business, and technology and how everything is not what it seems. Everybody I encountered over those days had a message to give me. Crazy synchronous things would happen. I couldn’t eat, I could only drink water or sugary drinks. I slept a lot and at strange times, with being jolted awake at various times and downloads pouring through.

The universe intervened in a magical way so that I wouldn’t end up taking the job (another story). I, however, was so confused by what was happening and thought either I was crazy or the world was crazy and wanted to commit suicide so friends stepped in to help.

Fall 2017: My life was forever changed. I continued to receive downloads, often in the early morning, when running, doing yoga, middle of the night, or just while standing in front of my closet.

My brain began to triple process. I was in the present focused on what the person was saying. I was seeing how this person was a mirror to my subconscious and what I needed to heal. And I also was taking in messages about how our simulation and reality works. I was exhausted every day.

I could no longer drink alcohol as it lowered my consciousness so much and was not pleasant. I became mainly vegan, stopped eating/drinking sugar that gave me headaches, and lost a lot of weight (not on purpose, but rather to support my high-frequency energy body).

Additionally, people/entities were doing experiments on my brain, and sometimes body, every night. I was in a constant state of fear for most of the first two months. It was like somebody had hacked into my simulation and were creating all sorts of terrifying situations for me, such as a guy who would constantly follow me with laptop and earbuds in tow.

Sometimes I would also feel completely enlightened, beyond all emotions, fully in a state of peace and bliss.

I had began receiving signs about Jesus that were unmistakable during the four days, and they continued. I had thought religion was stupid before this, so I was very confused. It was even more confusing because at the same time I was receiving messages about the simulation we are in. I couldn’t reconcile the two.

I went to all different types of religious gatherings. I would watch videos on simulation theory. I was reading about quantum physics as well as books like the Bhagavad Gita or about the mystical side of Jesus.

Meanwhile, I was helping teach a leadership class at Harvard and develop a sustainability framework at MIT. I don’t know how I made it through since I was processing so much other information while trying to stay focused. I didn’t have the energy to finish my research project how I would have liked to.

December 2017: I was so grateful to be invited to a gathering of beautiful, powerful people in Boulder who were spiritually awakened and building the new world. While living in Cambridge, most people thought I was crazy. But here, I was held and understood.

I had a kundalini energy awakening New Years Day, just as I was sitting on a bench looking out at the mountains. Massive amounts of energy poured out of me to the point of me not being able to move and crying at the top of my lungs, as I felt I was transmuting great amounts of suffering happening around the world for over an hour.

About a day later, I felt energy pouring through me again and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I started crying and when asked what I wanted I said I wanted to speak. The only way I can describe it is the Divine talking through me. People had voiced their concerns to me over the past few days, and they all came through. It created a different dynamic in the space. Shamans that were in attendance told me how powerful I was and gave some hints about what my role in the world was to be.

Winter 2018: I was focused completely on my own healing, with many suicidal thoughts that would lead to more ego deaths and awakenings.

I also was very focused on developing my femininity (which was underdeveloped) and surrendering to the magical flow of the universe. I began giving some talks about my theories on the world as well as started giving workshops focused around purpose.

Additionally, I began receiving word about who my future partner is going to be. I had had some visions about him over the summer, but this time the messages were more clear. Messages about him have continued and only gotten stronger.

Spring 2018: I started to develop my own intuitive methods for healing myself and others, sometimes leading to miraculous results. I started to put the pieces together about how our spiritual simulation works.

Summer 2018: I began healing MIT entrepreneurs through the summer entrepreneurship program. The simulation theory always played itself out perfectly.

Also at this time I was receiving a lot of warning messages about the CIA. I assumed they had been tracking me since my awakening, but this time it was more pronounced.

August 2018: I had been meditating a lot, reaching states of pure bliss for hours at a time, where everything was just an illusion. I also started to get strong signals that it was time to leave the US so I could free my mind from the matrix programmatic paradigms and explore my own consciousness.

My new passport was supposed to have been delivered that past September, but somehow got “lost.” It randomly came in the mail that summer, to me as a sign that I could finally leave (I had wanted to leave right away but was told I needed to heal the trauma I had experienced the year before my awakening).

September 2018: I moved to Peru and after one year of no drugs, alcohol, or any substance, I began to take plant medicines.

My first San Pedro experience I was shown the battle for consciousness, the manipulation embedded in new age spirituality, the prevalence of male consciousness feeding off of women’s sexuality and disempowerment, how the shaman I was with was manipulating women and other people’s consciousness, and also given visions of what I would be doing in the world.

My first Ayahuasca experience I was told my purpose on this earth, which I will not share at the moment.

My second Ayahuasca experience I began talking with my future self and learning more about what all had been happening to me over the past year.

My first mushroom journey I was shown and experienced who I am meant to be in this world. Mushrooms were then to be my primary medicine. Each time I would embody more and more of who I was evolving into. I would also be talking with my future self and other people who were there. I was told about what I’m going to be creating, while I was also participating in its creation.

Meanwhile, I was connecting to nature. I was constantly doing healing work. I was strengthening my discernment and intuition. I was beginning to channel messages for people.

December 2018: I was told my intense healing journey had ended and it was time to start focusing on healing others and sharing my voice, all of which I started to do. I was invited to be interviewed by a friend for a podcast that came out on Christmas, in which I began sharing parts of my message.

January 2019: I moved into my new place, a little house on a hill overlooking the beautiful mountains of Peru – my house in heaven I like to say. It was then that a new consciousness began to take over. I received messages that I had three consciousnesses within me (good ones). I had experienced one of them powerfully while on mushrooms. Eventually this new masculine consciousness came through in the mushrooms and I embodied him. That is when satanic entities started attacking me and it has grown more intense than ever before. I’ve received messages and others have confirmed that not only do I have the US military/CIA after me, but also other governments, cosmic forces, ancient entities, and future implants as well, along with who knows what else.

I never shared anything about any of my story publicly until I realized using social media for me is now a means of protection. I posted earlier about my life being transparent and open source, because I feel I’ve been being watched this entire time so I’d rather let other people in on my life and all the craziness and hope it protects me as well. I just learned the term “targeted individual” that you can look up online, so I know I’m not the only one going through this. It’s a concerted effort to silence certain people by a range of dark forces.

Given that this has been my life, some of you have asked how you can help. Many of you have messaged me thanking me for all of the posts I have shared from a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and truth. My story and words have helped you heal and awaken in different ways. I’ve stretched the boundaries of your conditioned way of thinking about social norms and what is acceptable. I’ve made you question what is free speech, and am I really free?

If you can, I would appreciate any small or large donation you can afford based on the value you have received from my sharing. I have not been able to focus on making money for obvious reasons, and the Divine has always provided thankfully. But it would be a tremendous help to get out of debt and get health insurance, for instance 🙂 Venmo: Ashley-Heacock or Paypal: paypal.me/ashleyheacock

I don’t know where this journey is leading but I know I’m always being guided by my angels, spirit guides, higher self, and other very powerful forces in the universe. The Light will win. It has to.

Thank you for reading. I hope this message clears up confusion for any of you about what has been happening to me, and also that this gives me some protection as these diverse entities keep attacking me. Please feel free to share.


PLEASE Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

PLEASE don’t tell me you love me when you know it’s not true. Tell me how much you hate me. Tell me ALL your judgments of me. For in that, you will find your healing, you will discover your insecurities, your fears, your childhood wounding – and then, you will be Free to Love Me.

I have done this practice for around eight months now and it has been a HUGE part of my healing. I write down the person’s name, or an initial, and then I write down ALL my judgments of them. Then I turn it back on ME so I can see where I am not loving myself and being honest with myself.

FEEL the Feelings. FEEL the Hate. Allow, Accept, Embrace. Don’t push anything away. Don’t act like You’re God and Enlightened and beyond anger and hate. Be Human for a sec so You can Heal.

My favorite Rumi poem is all about inviting your emotions to sit at the table with you and I use it often in my meditations and visualizations with clients. If the enlightened master Rumi realized we aren’t all love and light and to embrace our emotions as guides from beyond with wisdom and grace, then this gives you permission to as well 💓

“This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.”


IMG_2695 copy.JPG

Template for Manifesting New Relationships

Template for Manifesting New Relationships:

Last night I did a ceremony that brought me to tears. A pattern arose over the past week with my clients where I would channel the advice for them to write down and visualize what they wanted out of their relationships in order to manifest a new, healthy, exciting, beautiful way forward. I know by now that if a piece of advice I give my clients keeps recurring it is a clear message to follow for my own self-healing.

So I did it. And right away I started crying and asking myself how I had never done this before. How I had gone throughout my whole life not believing I deserved to be treated with respect. How I had dishonored myself by staying in toxic situations.

I had to practice a lot of self-forgiveness, be gentle with myself, and visualize the Divine Mother holding me.

I also was filled with excitement and awe at the possibility of meeting people with these qualities that seem so basic and fundamental.

I did this ceremony very simply with just a candle and did it for ALL my relationships (friends, bosses, partners, family) – it is a general manifesto about who I want to bring into my energy space in the future. Here it is:

– I deserve someone who respects me.
– I deserve to be heard and acknowledged.
– I deserve to be unconditionally loved, adored, held, and supported.
– I deserve someone who loves and appreciates me for My Soul and My Being rather than my body, “hard work”, success, money, possessions, clothes, appearance, cooking, cleanliness, job titles, degrees, status, who I know, or any other external or material thing that is Not Who I Am.
– I deserve someone who does not talk down to me as if I’m a child, inferior, a silly little girl, young, ignorant, or selfish.
– I deserve someone who talks to me with full present moment awareness, who cherishes my feelings and opinions, who asks questions with loving curiosity, who challenges me from a place of fierce love, who honors me, who takes my ideas into serious account, who is honest and doesn’t have a manipulative bone in her/his body, who is authentic and speaks her/his truth, who is not afraid or jealous of me, who knows or is open to the magic of the universe, and whose priority is soul growth.
– I deserve to be supported, encouraged, believed in, helped, inspired, guided, loved, held, and taken care of.
– I deserve someone who fully trusts me and I fully trust them.
– I deserve to have someone who can hold my pain, anger, sadness, frustration, worry, and fear, who I can lay my head down on and know everything will be ok.
– I deserve someone who treats my body like a sacred temple and shows me the utmost tender care, love, and warmth.
– I deserve someone who is responsible and keeps her/his word and is also flexible and knows this magical, mystical life can’t be planned by the mind and so can flow with ease and grace and joy.
– I deserve someone who knows how to lovingly embrace my Voice and see and feel all my heart and passion behind it.
– I deserve someone who can laugh with me at myself, themselves, and life, and lighten the mood with humor at the crazy mysteries and hilarities of this earth school.
– I deserve someone who is honest and gentle with themselves and is doing the work to decondition their mind, overcome their karma, and find self-love in their heart.
– I deserve someone who doesn’t treat me like a queen, but rather treats me with all the love and respect I know I deserve for being the amazing woman I Am.
– I deserve someone who doesn’t show me their love through material things but rather through their unconditional love, support, presence, trust, listening ear, and warm embrace.
– I deserve someone who is overtaken with love for the beauty of My Soul, who sees and knows me, and the energy between us is evident, unspoken, and Divine.
– I deserve someone who sees my wisdom, knows it, feels it, loves it, and encourages me to share it.
– I deserve someone who does not need me and is independent, while also is not afraid of vulnerability and wants to be held and cared for at times. And I deserve someone who also wants to help console and comfort me after going through a difficult experience.
– I deserve someone who is present and available, we express our thoughts and feelings openly, and we are invigorated by each other’s presence.
– I deserve someone who doesn’t put me down and try to make me feel less-than, inadequate, or like there’s something wrong with me.
– I deserve someone who doesn’t put pressure on me to do, be, or feel something I don’t want to.
– I deserve someone who laughs with me at my shortcomings, who lovingly helps me see my shadows to heal, shows me all the wondrous beauty inside my soul, and believes in me more than I believe in myself.
– I deserve someone who will cuddle, hug, and comfort me with beautiful loving warmth.
– I deserve someone who is completely honest and transparent, takes self-responsibility, is on their own Path and following their Heart, and wants to join with another fellow soul for beautiful Divine Connection.